Ontech Corporation, established and incorporated in 2005 is one of the pioneers in providing state of the art medical solutions in Pakistan. With its head offices in Karachi and representation in all the major cities of Pakistan, Ontech is at the helm of improving life and patient quality. We strongly believe in training our staff/clients which helps them in saving precious lives using pioneering medical solutions we deliver.

Since inception, it has expanded into multiple product lines including ENT, Urology, Neuro, Spine, Medical Imaging and more. It is widely known for its specialization in Indigo (Hi Speed Otologic Drill), Interior and Posterior Cervical Systems (Atlantis & Vertex), CD Horizon Sextant II by Medtronic-USA. The Swiss Lithoclast Master, Swiss Lithoclast 2, Swiss Laserclast and entire urological range by Electro Medical Systems S.A.-Switzerland.

With decades of experience in the industry, fully equipped workshops, regular visits to manufacturers, medical exhibitions and training events, Ontech is capable of providing top notch services and solutions to Health Sector in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Ontech Corporation a sustainable and growing medical company introducing life saving solutions for patients, which are innovative and cost effective. We also want to be recognized as a company which encourages training and education for doctors, dedication for extending lives, improving health and is honest at their core of services and products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a company which improves and extends the lives and health of patients using our innovative, cost effective and state of the art medical solutions along with encouraging technical training and education for doctors to maximize the social impact of our solutions.

Company Profile

Ontech has exclusive distribution rights for the range of products by manufacturers such as Medtronic from USA, Electro Medical Systems (EMS) from Switzerland, BASDA from China and more.

Ontech Corporation is a proud supplier of specialized medical equipment to many major hospitals all around Pakistan

Major Exhibitions Attended/Sponsored

Ontech has exclusive distribution in Pakistan for Medtronic, EMS, BASDA and more, through which we provide the best healthcare devices possible for your medical institution